We are Allegria

Born from the longstanding passion for Italian fresh pasta, our inspiration originated in Bologna—a world of craftsmanship where centuries of artisan fresh pasta-making traditions have been honed. 

Drawing from a rich history, handmade dough is skilfully stretched, rolled and folded, then filled and dressed with the finest local and seasonal Australian produce – creating a range of fresh pasta and sauces with authenticity and passion.

We are pasta enthusiasts—our kitchen is alive with passion, stories and laughter, creating dishes that satisfy the palate and transport you, evoking emotions and memories. 

Fresh Pasta

With great attention to detail, we hand-make our pasta and sauces every day in our kitchen in Melbourne. We put generations of knowledge into creating new and innovative fillings and sauces that deliver delicious fresh pasta experiences. 

From our open kitchen, our team of chefs curate restaurant-quality pasta dishes - to be enjoyed in your home with family and friends. 


We source and showcase only the finest ingredients, working hand-in-hand with the best Australian producers. 

From the flour and eggs that go into our handmade pasta to the potatoes in our Gnocchi to the meat, seafood and vegetables in our sauces, nothing is overlooked.